Gloucester Catholic High School

GCHS At A Glance

Approximately 560 students in grades 9-12;
Approximately 45 students in grades 7-8
Sending Area
The student body of this comprehensive high school consists of students from more than 50 parochial and public schools. There is a great deal of diversity in demographics, as well as ability.
Gloucester Catholic maintains accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Gloucester Catholic is located in southern New Jersey in Gloucester City, across the Delaware River from Philadelphia.
Curriculum Highlights
Students follow a core curriculum. Although remedial and business courses are offered, very few courses are not college prep. Students who are designated as “accelerated” in their freshman year follow a more rigorous academic program, consisting largely of honors and Advanced Placement courses, throughout their four years.
Liturgical program
Special masses and Penance services are scheduled for the student body during the school year.
There is a priest who is our Director of Catholic Identity. Forty-seven percent of the faculty are graduates of GCHS. The faculty is composed of 1 priest, 1 deacon, 1 religious sister, and lay personnel. Of these, 24 have a bachelor’s degree, 1 has a masters in fine arts, 14 have one or more master’s degrees, and 1 has a JD. All personnel are encouraged to continue their education through degree-seeking programs as well as professional workshops.

Profile of our Graduating Class of 2017

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List of Class of 2017 College Acceptances


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Prominent College Acceptances 2013-2017


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GC Alums Attending Ivy League Schools


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GC Graduates By the Numbers



Profile of our Graduating Class of 2016


100% of seniors (127 graduates) took the PSAT/SAT and/or ACT before leaving GCHS.

Averages for highest scores:
  CR + M
Top 10% of class 1298
Top 20% of class 1261
Top 50% of class 1133

College Acceptances:

Over three years, percentage of students accepted to:
4 year colleges and universities – 62%
2 year colleges/tech schools – 27% (including NJ STARS)

Military and Tech schools — 11%

You can click here to see a listing of the 4 year colleges that are accepting our
students (you’ll need Adobe® Acrobat Reader® to view the file).

The amount of scholarship and grant money offered to this class surpassed $11.5 million.


Community Service:

For the 2015-2016 school year, our students logged in excess of 26,000 hours of
community service for the entire student body.