Ministry to the Sick

Ministry to the Sick

The General Introduction of the Pastoral Care of the Sick reminds us that suffering and illness are part of the human condition and being a Christian does not spare us of these experiences. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are called in a special way to minister to those of our community who are sick or are homebound either due to illness or old age and cannot attend Mass.
In addition, they minister to the faithful who are in nursing homes or in the local hospital.

An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is a tangible link between the parish’s celebration of the Eucharist and the communion of the sick or homebound. He or she reminds them of their union with Christ in his struggle with evil, his prayer for the world, his love of the Father, and their own union with the community from which they are separated. Theirs is a ministry that fulfills Christ’s command to visit the sick and to be concerned about their bodily and spiritual welfare.

Those who are called to this ministry will be trained in the Rite for taking Holy Communion to the Sick and given the necessary resources.

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Mass is  every at the following locations:

A Communion Service is offered every Wednesday where a priest is not available to celebrate Mass.

A Communion servce is held at these facilities: